Measuring Blood Pressure

During Blood Pressure Tests

Remove any restrictive clothing from your arm that has the blood pressure cuff. You must be seated comfortably with back support and feet flat on the floor in a quiet environment. Your arm should be at heart level and supported on the table. You should not talk or move your arm arm which should remain firmly supported on the table.

Clinical Blood Presure Machines

Clinical blood pressure measuring devices typically take a series of six blood pressure measurements done a minute apart. The machine give an average blood pressure which reflects your true blood pressure. A blood pressure measurement will be done every minute and repeated several times. The first value will be discarded and the remaining will be averaged. You can watch your blood pressure and pulse results. The machine is extremely intelligent and will not record blood pressures that are felt to be inaccurate. If you notice an error code in the left hand corner or the machine stops working, relax, stop moving your arm so the machine resumes working.

Home Blood Pressure Machines

You may also measure your blood pressure at home. Select link to see guideline of how to measure BP at home. Select Home BP devices.

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